Go to another country only to cure teeth or better their appearance? Dental touristry prospers and numerous foreign tourists go to get a brilliant smile to Poland.


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How is it that Polish dental clinics bring clients even from overseas?
The number of people seeking medical services outside of their native land is expected to exceed 780 million in the current year and the financial worth of the medical tourism industry is approximated at $100 billion €. A relevant portion of this is the credit of dental assistance, for which Poland is becoming an essential player in Europe. As reported by analysts, the aging nations, the longer life expectancy, and the growing understanding of one’s own health and available treatments rise the need for advanced medical assistance. Seeking for a honest price often requires going abroad. Among the most frequent areas of the medical tourism are the following: plastic surgery, cardiology and dentistry. Currently in improvement of dental tourism Poland has been a head in its geographic area. By the side of the Czech Republic and Hungary our country is the most popular medical center in the Central Europe. The costs of treatment at a esteemed clinic in Poland are proportionate to those of an ordinary clinic abroad.

Therefore, patients prefer to cure themselves for similar money in Poland and be sure that the treatment will be executed at a decent level with a guarantee of long-term effects. Polish medical centers are prepared to provide advanced services to foreign patients, and at significantly lower rate than in the West.