Right now, after decade of small, airline carriers in Poland, tourists have often difficult time to decide where to travel for the next holidays. Nothing surprising in that, because we’ve chance to see fantastic locations, not only in europe, but also whole around the world.

Which place is finest to choose during next summer?

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Źródło: http://www.flickr.com
This amazing metropolis, even if it is not situated by the sea, is really worth to be seen for holidays. Paris for American citizens for example is the main capital of entire Europe, in here you’ll find largest amount of monuments. Art exhibitions, beautiful buildings, plenty of interesting events, it is impossible to be bored in here. When you wish to observe the true aura of old times, you shouldn’t miss a tour to the Montmartre, district and the name for a mountain, which is situated in the center. Back in 19th century it used to be a zone, where plenty of famous artists used to live, like Picallo, Modigiliani and also Hemmingway. Right now you can still see plenty of vintage coffee shops, where those genius artists like to spend their evenings.
First reason why travelers like to spend their holidays in Barcelona is fascinating architecture by Antonio Gaudi. At start of twentieth century this brilliant architect constructed plenty of beautiful buildings, which we are able to admire still nowadays. The most popular is Sagrada Familia cathedral, amazing combination of Catalan and medieval epoque.

Another place worth to be visited is Casa Milla, medium size building which is in shape of ocean waves. Also next reason why metropolis is good for vacations is sea, this city is situated really close to the shore.