Voyaging by a jet is the most popular kind of transportation right now. Thanks to cheap airline firms, you are able to travel from one continent to other in a really low costs. Also, voyage form Barcelona to Warsaw took like two hours, the very same length by bus will take almost one day of your time. But if you are arranging a journey by jet, you need to fallow some policies. One of it, is to arrive at the airport, at least couple hours before your trip.

For checked luggage owners

If you are requiring a lot more items for your journey, you will mostly take bigger option of luggage. But thanks to it, you will must to pass check in at the airport area. To do that, you should arrive at least few hours before your flight, and look for the gate that is runs your airplane. After that, you need to wait in a very long queue – this is one of the reason why you must to be here so early. You may spend there even twenty minutes (see). When eventually will be your turn, you must to put your registered baggage at weight – stewardess will make sure, that it is in proper dimension. If so, you will leave it to her, and get particular ticket dedicated to your bag. You must to keep it, because in event of any issues with your baggage, it will be a proof that it belong to you. After registering your reservation and passport, you will get a boarding pass. Now you are ready to go to an airplane, just some hand bags inspection in between.


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Hand bags owners
All of people who are leaving for short duration of time, need only carry-on luggage, accessible to go with them inside plane. Because of it, they don’t have to check in at the airport. In case you do not like to come couple hours before your journey here, you may make web check-in. About twenty-four hours before your trip, you have to enter web page of your airline firm, and get a boarding pass there. You need to fallow all the directions there. You will need your passport and ticket number for it. Only filled all empty sections and your boarding pass will be ready to scan Don’t forget to take it at the airfield with you, and any identification document will be required. Another way is to make a web check-in on your smart phone.


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You just need to go for a proper web page and do the same procedures. At the end, you do not have to print your boarding pass- you will collect an electronic one on your e-mail box. But if you wish to, you might also copy it and take with you.

Check-in at the airport isn’t a piece of cake. In couple popular flights, it could going on for twenty minutes. And because of that, make certain to arrive at least couple hours before your journey. If you want to avoid staying in line, just make online check-in. This alternative is not attainable for voyagers with checked bags.