Probably the most famous method to enjoy a vacations is to stay whole day on a beach and getting tan. That is why a lot of people are going to exotic areas, where all beaches are beautiful and a lot of attractions are affordable.

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However not everybody like this form of activity, when you’re admirer of sightseeing you’ve as well plenty of nice destinations to explore.

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That amazing, Spanish city is perfect spot for individuals who are interested in some nice monuments. Barcelona is mostly popular because of it architecture, partly designed by Antonio Gaudi. Each year thousands of tourists are booking last minute deals just to see Sagrada Familia and Casa Mila. Both monuments are amazing mix of medieval and Catalan style, you won’t see anything like that anywhere in the globe. However Barcelona is either nice place for typical holiday activity, the city is placed really near to the seaside.
Next fascinating place in Europe is main metropolis of Netherlands, which can also offers you plenty of great entertainments. This city become very popular after modifications in local legislation, people from whole around the globe were reserving last minute journeys to Amstrdam, only to visit local coffee shops.

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However this city is also great place to admire interesting landscape. Amsterdam is filled with channels and charming bridges, you may rent a vehicle for a penny in there to proceed nice sightseeing around old town.

In there you’ve to explore the Rijskmuseum, that is one of the biggest art galleries in entire world.

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Another relevant monument will be Ann Frank’s House, a spot where young, Jewish girl were hiding from Nazis, in time of last war.